Agent Spotlight – Meet the Founder, Katie Moe

May 26, 2022

Agent Spotlight – Meet the Founder, Katie Moe
Meet Katie Moe, the founding partner of Connect California Homes. For nearly two decades, Katie Moe has devotedly served her East Bay clients and her local community.
Then in 2020, when the world changed, Katie felt an idea spark within her. She dreamed of a better way to serve and connect with her community by forming a new agency built on the guiding principles of authenticity, humility, advocacy, and most of all – connections.
Since Connect California Homes’ launch in March of 2022, Katie and her team of service-focused agents have taken the local market by storm.
In addition to serving their real estate clients, Connect CA Homes and Jenna Gray from Guaranteed Rate have already co-hosted their first community event with a Shredding Party! It was a fantastic way to connect and kick off the spring-cleaning season by shredding all unwanted paperwork.
No matter what, Katie makes connections wherever she goes. However, if she’s not working, you’ll find her cheering on her family, chasing her chickens and pups, supporting local businesses on her Instagram, or volunteering with local organizations like HivelyRAGE, and TopSoccer.
Katie said it best, “People who live in the Tri-Valley area really appreciate this community, and they want to partner with someone that has a genuine interest in serving beyond and serving our community.”
To learn more about Katie Moe, continue reading her story here.

Hear From Katie Moe


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We grow up wanting to feel like we belong. When I’m working with clients showing them houses, I want them to feel like they belong here – that they can see themselves being a part of everything the Tri-Valley has to offer.
My name is Katie Moe, and I am the Founding Partner with Connect California Homes.
One of the things I work really hard on when I’m working with buyers or sellers is being there, listening to them understanding what their needs are. It’s one of the things that I believe creates a really nice connection and is rooted in who we are as a company.
One of the things I’m most proud of is that when people see our name – one of the first things they say is, “Oh my God, you guys do so much for the community.” And that’s what I want to be known for.
I work hard because I love my job, but part of it is my kids. It’s my family. I think it’s great for my kids to see me come home and talk about tough situations.
I can already see it coming out in their eyes where they talk about, “Well mom, what about this house? Mom, what about that house?” I want them to know that they can do whatever they want when they grow up.
People appreciate that I see the need, and they know that it goes beyond just helping buy and sell homes. It’s not just, “We’re going to help you market and sell your house.”
People that live in the Tri-Valley area – they really appreciate this community, and they want to partner with someone that has that genuine interest in serving beyond and serving our community.

Connect with Katie Moe

Interested in following Katie’s story or working with her? You can reach her at the following:

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